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Plea of GUILTY
By entering a plea of guilty, you admit you committed the offense charged against you. The State has the burden of proving that you violated the law. You should understand a plea of guilty may be used against you later in a civil suit if there was a traffic accident at the time of your offense (another party can say you were at fault or responsible for the accident because you pled guilty to the traffic charge.)

A plea of no contest means you are not contesting the charge against you. You will be found guilty, unless you are eligible and successfully complete a Driver's Safety Course and/or Deferred Disposition. A plea of no contest cannot be used against you in a subsequent civil suit for any damages that may have resulted from any accident that may have occurred at the time of your offense.

A plea of not guilty means that you are informing the court that you deny any guilt or that you have a defense in the case and the State must prove the charge against you. Once you enter your plea of not guilty before the judge, your case will be set for a trial. You may choose to have a jury trial or a trial before the judge. You may also choose to represent yourself or hire a licensed attorney to represent you. For additional information please see the trial section on the Court Procedure page.